We always welcome any buyers with serious attitude. First of all, please visit company website: or auction platform website: to make a complete and thorough preview about the photos and description of all items. Make sure that you read and understand all the conditions of sale and terms. By attending the auction, the buyers/bidders admit that they already read and understand all the conditions of sale and terms, and agree to be bound by all the conditions and terms. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the company at 1-647-8893958 or email:


Secondly, please make an appointment and then come to the company to make a thorough inspection of the quality and authenticity of the items before auction either yourself or your agent. Company staffs will help to answer your questions.


If you decide to attend the auction, please fill in the registration form in advance with photo IDs. A few ways to attend:


1.Online bidding: sign in the bidding platform in advance, make sure the internet working properly, and bid quickly.


2. Telephone bidding: fill in the form, leave two contact phone numbers. Staffs will call you to place the order.


3. Absentee bidding: fill in the form, mark the highest bidding price (exclude the buyers premium and tax).


Buyers premium will be 25% and applicable taxes of successful bidding price. Payment method will be cash, certified cheque, bank draft, and wire transfer. All sales are as is and final, no return, no credit, and no exchange.


Buyer is responsible for paying for the shipment and related insurance. Our company staff will try best to assist you to arrange the delivery.


Please register 2448 hours in advance, read and understand all the terms and conditions of sales. Wish you good luck.