About Us

The company was federally incorporated in Canada. We are located in downtown Toronto, the economic and commercial centre of Canada. We are dedicated to the service of Chinese antiques and collectibles.


Before we were incorporated, we had a long history in the area of Chinese antique collections. During the period, we gradually gain more and more Chinese historical and cultural knowledge, we establish a wider variety of connections with antique collectors and artists, we enhance the cultural quality, and also we improve the material and spiritual world.. We hope we are able to make more friends around the world based on the company platform.


Since we have established a good connections with lots of Chinese collectors coming from HongKong, Taiwan, and mainland China in the early years, and the western collectors from Europe and North America, we will keep putting up different Chinese collectibles and work of arts, in the different auctions regularly. We mainly concentrate on jadeite, jade, paintings, and other items. So please visit our website regularly for new auction information. You will definitely find something you like in some day.


Going with 168, being prosperous!